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Porcelain Crowns

In today’s world, dentistry gives us a wide array of options that were not available before. This helps to maintain and restore your oral health. Enhancements are being done to support the strength of materials utilized in dental crowns and also to upgrade their beauty. These enhancements continue to be built but the practitioner of the procedure can actually make the whole difference and that is based on his or her skills. Dr. Mai places an emphasis on making use of the latest and best techniques for complete care and in the process can revive even the most damaged mouths back to proper health.

Sometimes, severe damages can occur to the teeth. These damages may happen because of trauma, cavities, heavy bite forces, or normal functioning even. A root canal therapy is required to retrieve a nerve that has been extremely affected because of gum disease. And if proper treatment is not received, many of these conditions can end up exposing the teeth to the risk of tooth loss. The function of dental crowns Tomball, also called tooth caps, is to help restore these damaged or missing teeth and then coat them with materials that exactly appear natural. Well, the fact is that these synthetic teeth are difficult to differentiate from original teeth and they are highly stable and offer much-needed comfort. Porcelain crowns Houston is the most original looking.

Crowns have plenty of benefits, they can be provided to revive a single tooth, multiple teeth (this involves the entirety of the mouth), or along with dental implants, they can be utilized to fill a gap. Whenever a tooth or multiple teeth are missing, there is always a greater chance of restoration utilizing a dental bridge or an implant.


The Simple Process

When you visit our office and your treatment plan is drafted, you require just two appointments with your dental surgeon to restore your tooth. At your first appointment, a mild preparation of the teeth will be done. This preparation enables the creation of a gap so that the porcelain can then be placed over the tooth. Dr. Mai will provide you with all the required information so you can find an excellent lab that is needed to design your tooth. A temporary crown that would carry out every function would be provided to you before your permanent crown becomes ready at the lab. This is done usually within 2 -3 weeks at most.

After the tailor-made crowns have been built by the lab technician, you would be called for another appointment with our dentist. Examination of the crown appearance and the fitting would be done by Dr. Mai after which the procedure of bonding will take place. A few little adjustments would be made to your bite when required and then ultimately, the last polish. Your artificial porcelain crown which appears and functions as your natural-looking brand new tooth would be all set for use.

Have you ever wondered, where can I find porcelain dental crowns near me? Or where can I assess porcelain crowns Tomball near me? A consultation with Dr. Mai is all you require to solve your dental problems.


Porcelain Crowns


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