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Dental Assistant Externship at Restoration Smiles

As the Dentist Tomball Texas, Restoration Smiles understands the crucial role that a dental assistant plays as a part of the dental team. As a dental assistant, you are highly dependent on the dentist, hygienist, and dental staff, while at the same time you are being responsible for helping patients. Our dental assistant externship provides practical expertise where we teach you a wide variety of job skills that helps to pave the way for your career.

Develop Your Skills With Dental Assistant Experience

From patient care, scheduling consultations, recordkeeping to taking x-rays, you will learn to alleviate patients’ fears while assisting Dr. Mai and the team with dental services and examinations. Your time with us will also help you to prepare for the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) Examination to achieve the National Entry Level Dental Assistant (NELDA) certification.

If you have an interest in building and contributing your skills as a dental assistant at Restoration Smiles, take a look at the following experience builders:

Eventually, you will build clinical efficiency while working with skilled and professional individuals with distinct backgrounds and experiences. You will also slowly grow your knowledge and expertise in each of the varied facets of the dental industry.

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Find Dental Career Opportunities

If you’re a day student looking for this top-quality experience package to complete clinical hours, Restoration Smiles’ dental assistant extern makes you all set for potential career options such as a

Restoration Smiles have worked with ADA-accredited schools such as PIMA Institute in the past years and has efficiently hired full-time dental assistants from the externship program to team up with us. After you complete your dental assistant externship program with us, you may also choose to pursue other related careers, like pursuing positions as a dental hygienist, dentist, dental laboratory technologist, research associate, dental field related educator, office manager, or dental sales representative.

Join Our Externship Program With Dentist Tomball TX

Nationwide, as the dental career outlook continues to stay positive, take advantage of an externship program today at Restoration Smiles. This is a great career opportunity for “non-traditional” dental assisting students that groom them for a career in a wide scope of environments from dental supply houses, hospital outpatient clinics, insurance companies, private dental offices to state and federal agencies.

Are you all set to build a career as a dental assistant? If dental assisting seems to be the perfect career for you, our externship comprises 6 to 8 weeks of dental assistant training that prepares you on a fast track towards accomplishing your career. Call us at (713) 623-1122 or contact us to find out more about our program. We are always eager to support your passion in the dental field.

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