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Home Care

The health of your smile depends on what you do in between your dental visits with us. Good dental care habits can be practiced by anyone who is willing to keep aside a few minutes of their day for their oral care. Just like regular workouts, consistency is key, and it will boost your efforts to improve your health. The basic foundation of good oral health can be achieved by regular brushing and flossing at least twice a day.

With a wide range of dental products available in the market, your hygienist acts as a personal trainer when it comes to perfect oral care. We will narrow down all your options and chalk out a suitable plan of action in a matter of a few minutes. Would Waterpik be perfect for your oral cavity than your floss? Is a prescribed toothpaste more suitable to treat your low saliva production? There are many aspects to consider while making optimal use of your time and efforts.

Patients who are more susceptible to dental issues can gain from a customized oral care routine tailor-made to suit their needs. Simple and affordable additions can elevate your oral health condition and prevent bacterial activities. For instance, a natural sweetener such as Xylitol, if administered in proper dosages, can lower cavities in both children and adults.


Home Care


475+ Google reviews



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