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Bone Grafting

All You Need To Know About Bone Grafting

Although bone grafting may appear to be a frightening process, it is really quite normal. Prior to the installation of a dental implant, dentists frequently undertake this procedure. This procedure can increase the volume of your jaw and lessen the risk of dental problems in the future. In this blog, our dentists at Restoration Smiles have listed a few facts you should know about bone grafting. It is necessary to read it to make wise decisions.

What Is Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that includes adding bone mass in areas of the jaw that require more support. This operation necessitates the use of bone from the patient’s own body. Bone grafting can sometimes be done with synthetic material as well. To safeguard you from further dental difficulties, your Tomball dentist will recommend that you get this treatment done before having your dental implants.

Important Information You Must Know About Dental Bone Grafting

In this section, the best dentist in Tomball has provided some information you should know before choosing a grafting procedure.

Painless Treatment

Most people avoid dental bone grafting because they believe it will be uncomfortable. These treatments, on the other hand, are virtually painless. It is a typical surgical treatment performed by dental surgeons on a regular basis. You will be sedated and will not feel anything during the procedure. The healing process will be painless and you will not experience any discomfort. If you have any pain following the surgery, you should contact your Tomball dentist.

Supports Bone Formation

Our bodies have a strange way of working. Your body receives messages from the brain after the bone grafting procedure and knows where to start the development of new bone. As a result, the grafting material is gradually replaced by biological bone tissues. It takes a long time, but the end result is a strong, healthy bone structure that can support a dental implant.

High Chance Of Success

Dental bone grafting techniques now have improved success rates and more predictable outcomes thanks to modern dentistry. Most of the time, complications do not develop. If there is a problem, another grafting process can be used to fix it. Only a little additional grafting material is required.

You Might Notice A Few Changes

You might have to make some changes to your daily routine after the procedure. You should avoid intense activities for the next few days. You’ll be subjected to restrictions in your diet as well. You’ll need to eat soft meals or stick to a liquid diet. The number of bone grafts you’ve received determines this. It’s best to sleep on your back with an elevated pillow. Sleeping on your side can result in a lot of discomforts, as well as damage to the surgical site. You should also go to the dentist on a regular basis for checks. All of these changes are momentary, and once you’ve fully recovered, you can resume your regular schedule.

Your Original Bone Might Not Be Required

Bone grafting surgery is often thought to involve the use of the patient’s own bone. Normally, this is not the case. The material for the graft is extracted from your jaws or cheeks. Occasionally, though, it is totally composed of synthetic materials. It can also be obtained from a tissue bank. Your dentist in Tomball thoroughly disinfects and sterilizes the material before the treatment.

We hope this blog helps you to make better decisions regarding your dental bone grafting procedure. Get in touch with us at Restoration Smiles if you are looking for the best bone grafting procedure in Tomball, TX.