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Composite Fillings

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Composite Fillings

Teeth complications can spring up when cavities and small fractures on the teeth go untreated over a long period of time. In the past years, metal restorations were utilized to treat these problems but the drawbacks raised plenty of issues. Most of the teeth were left discolored due to the metal color and even strained because of the wedging effect the metal had. However, nowadays, tooth-colored composites blend seamlessly into the tooth structure and prove to be a perfect option in restoring a defective tooth. Often composite fillings can be applied in thinner layers than metal just because of their nature. Thus, it helps to preserve more of the natural tooth.

Composite fillings play a double functional and aesthetic role, and moreover simultaneously. Let’s take an example of a cavity that attacks the front tooth along your gum line. This cavity will be clearly visible whenever you smile. Just a gentle cleaning of the soft, discolored portion would prevent the decay from spoiling the other healthy portions of the mineral surfaces. Moreover, as the shade of a composite filling that is given color matches your tooth, it enhances the appearance of your tooth and you can achieve a more appealing look than ever before.

Composite fillings are built with a mix of liquid resin which is confined in a surrounding mass of glass bits that are grounded finely. When the composite filling has been molded against the defective tooth structure, a type of blue light application is done directly on the composite. This would result in the rigidity of the set in just a few seconds. After it has been shaped and later polished, a great shine that exactly reflects the beauty of the natural enamel leads to a restoration that cannot be visible or noticed. The filling is generally smooth, conservative, and strong.

Advantages of Composites

Composites have many advantages besides their aesthetic benefit. Composites are durable enough and can remain for a minimum of 7 years. Well, you should take good care of your composites so that they can last longer. They are very safe to use as the FDA holds a good position that they do not lead to any health hazards. You will also feel no pain usually except when the filling is too high. That’s why you should visit Restoration Smiles as our Tomball dentist is very skillful, to prevent such complications. Though, one major disadvantage with composites is that it takes a little more time to attach them as compared to amalgam fillings. But the common advantages far outweigh any drawback.

Do you have any defective teeth that may need a composite filling? If you are searching for dental fillings Houston or composite fillings Tomball, you don’t have to worry at all, where can I get a cosmetic bonding near me? All the things you require for your oral health are always available at Restoration Smiles. Don’t delay further and visit us today to receive a long-lasting solution that would make you smile more and feel more confident.

Composite Fillings


475+ Google reviews



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