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Children’s Dentistry

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Children tend to suffer from tooth decay. This is a clear sign of the fact that toddlers are more susceptible to this kind of dental problem. Records say that almost 50% of the kids aged two to eleven have experienced tooth decay. Likewise, 32% of the kids aged nine to eleven suffer from the problem of cavities in permanent teeth. The sugar content of the fruit juices and baby powder can be the probable cause of tooth decay or cavities in children. You might be surprised to know that consumption of breast milk can also lead to tooth decay as it contains natural sugar.

Dental care in kids should begin right after the first tooth appears. We recommend you to bring your child for the first dental visit around his/her first birthday. The right step would be to then bring your child for checkups regularly at 6-month intervals. Our dentists and other dental professionals are here to protect your child’s dental health and also monitor the signs of any incoming dental problems. They also lay emphasis on educating parents about the basic preventive tips to treat specific dental conditions.

Before taking your child for a dental checkup, you can adopt a few measures to reduce the chances of him/her suffering from tooth decay. We have discussed those measures in the pointers below:

Children's Dentistry

Information on Children’s Medicaid Tomball and Children Medicaid Tomball

Pediatric dental services are generally costly. So, you might face trouble supporting your child’s oral needs. But, this is where the importance of children’s Medicaid Tomball and children Medicaid Tomball becomes prominent.

Here in Texas, Children’s Medicaid Tomball and Children’s Medicaid Tomball cover a wide array of dental services to ensure the well of your child’s oral health. You will not have to pay for your kid’s treatment if it is covered by Medicaid. In case of any further query related to the applicability of children’s Medicaid Tomball or children Medicaid Tomball, contact us without any hesitation.

What does Children’s Medicaid Tomball and Children Medicaid Tomball cover?

Children’s Medicaid Tomball and children Medicaid Tomball cover the following services:

Children's Dentistry

You might have figured out that children’s Medicaid Tomball and children Medicaid Tomball guides everyone to go for preventive dentistry. Bring in your child for regular dental cleanings and health checkups. Our professionals will remove the accumulated plaque and tartar from your child’s teeth during a dental cleaning session. They also look for signs of tooth decay. We also provide dental fillings to seal the cavities.

Preventive dentistry treatments will definitely keep your kid’s gums and teeth healthy. If your kid is suffering from some other dental problem, contact Restoration Smiles. We will make you aware of the treatment is covered by children’s Medicaid Tomball and children Medicaid Tomball.

Children's Dentistry

Who are eligible for Children’s Medicaid Tomball and Children Medicaid Tomball ?

Your child needs to fulfill a few criteria to qualify for Children’s Medicaid Tomball and Children Medicaid Tomball.

So, if you are looking for the best kids dentist in Houston, TX, contact Restoration Smiles. We assure you to provide your kid with top-class dental care. Schedule your kid’s appointment today!


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