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Tooth Replacement

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Tooth Replacement

Not long ago, if you lost a tooth, you had few options for replacement. While permanent teeth should provide a lifetime of service, this is not always the case. You could lose them as a result of an accident, deep cavities, or gum disease. Since teeth are born as a complete set, even one missing tooth can disturb the complicated task of chewing, which would be the first step in digestion. As teeth gradually start shifting and moving into these empty spaces, extreme pressures result in wear and tear, often leading to mounting dental issues.

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, whether one or a full set, you have many options to choose from. Although all therapeutic options should be considered, dental implants often provide the best results and restore your normal chewing and full smile.

We understand it can be difficult to sort through all the complex choices. Dr. Mai’s history in restorative dentistry enables us to deliver solutions for every situation.


Come in for a consultation and find out all about the best cosmetic dentist in Tomball, TX. Let Dr. Jennifer Mai help you own your smile.


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