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The primary aim is for our patients to experience the least possible dental treatments. We know that children who turn to adults with the lowest number of restored teeth enjoy the minimum risk of suffering from future dental problems.

Sealants provide us with a tool that can surprisingly reduce the number of fillings placed in the temporary teeth while going through the difficult stages of development and growth. The deep grooves on the chewing surface of the molars reach into the center of the teeth. These crevices can look like a deep canyon when observed under a microscope. In fact, most of the grooves are narrower than a single toothbrush bristle but can give shelter for bacteria to hide. It’s not very difficult to figure out dental cavities can form in such a perfect safehouse. 

The chances of decay occurring on the chewing surface of the teeth decrease drastically if the grooves in the permanent molars are sealed at an early age. Thankfully, this entire process can be completed within a small amount of time and without any discomfort. The teeth can be gently cleaned and conditioned for bonding if the grooves don’t have any cavities. Then a resin material is put into the grooves and sealed as quickly as possible with the help of blue activating light. The permanent molars get a protective coating against cavities in a few minutes.

Sealants are not very durable and last for a few years. They can also need to be replaced or repaired periodically. Research shows that a ninety percentage in chewing surface cavity activity is common in the case of sealed molars. Going for this affordable, simple step can help your child enter adulthood with lesser fillings and reduced risk of major dentistry in the days to come. 


475+ Google reviews



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