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When you cross a bridge over water, you are supported by the same principles that sustain a dental bridge. Year after year, critical stabilization on each side helps to endure the burden. Teeth on either side of a gap support a replacement tooth that is made of durable materials and attached into place. While this can last for a long time, the load-bearing teeth may weaken after thousands of chewing cycles. This can result in more missing teeth in certain cases.

A Better Bridge

In several cases, introducing dental implants is a wiser choice because it removes stress from the chewing system. They mimic the roots of teeth when positioned in the bone of empty spaces. They withstand the burden that natural teeth used to bear, thereby protecting the adjacent teeth from excess pressure. Sometimes two implants may be used to make a bridge between two solid pieces of titanium.

Although larger spaces necessitate more planning, Dr. Mai knows how to fit the puzzle pieces together for any scenario. Regardless of the extent of your treatment, the steps to achieving a functional, brilliant smile are similar.

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475+ Google reviews



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