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A wide range of jaw and tooth problems opens the door to orthodontics in the case of a budding child. Dr. Mai helps to figure out if your kid’s baby teeth look crowded, or the relationship between the jaws isn’t so perfect. Though, not particularly at the time of treatment, it might help you prepare for the possibility of future corrective care. The permanent teeth start to erupt at the age of 6, the entire process is monitored by Dr. Mai. She will also help you decide if going for early orthodontic treatment is a perfect choice.

Though a major percentage of the cases involve teenagers, braces also play a vital role for some kids at an early age. As the permanent teeth are generally bigger than the baby teeth, space may require opening with the gentle force of braces. This in turn lets the teeth be moved to the desired position, eliminating the need for more extensive treatment in the future.

Having a large overbite or a narrow jaw may also lead to similar confusion. Guiding the jaw growth of your child during his/her development phase can make a huge difference in the outcome. When the growth stops during the teen years, the only option left for jaw correction involves surgery which is always good to be avoided.

Ortho Screenings

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A lot of youngsters benefit from orthodontic treatments after their baby teeth fall out and the permanent teeth move into a perfect position. This classic case might start in the early teen years, keeping the alignment and functionality of the teeth intact while going into adulthood. The time invested in staying wired-up can vary based on requirements. But, the average time needed is somewhere around two years. 

Numerous methods permit orthodontic treatment to resolve almost every possible situation that appears, but the outcome directly depends on the patient’s compliance. It is necessary to continuously wear elastic bands and practice a good homecare routine to witness great results. The commitment to the treatment also includes regular visits to dental hygienists and the adoption of a strategy that helps to prevent dental cavities around the brackets. The team of professionals at Restoration Smiles are adept at providing our orthodontic patients with successful outcomes, an attractive and healthy smile. 


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