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In spite of your best efforts, sometimes teeth require to be removed to protect and preserve your oral health. When our dentist has discussed all other possibilities and you’ve decided to opt for extraction, we’ll take every necessary step to help you. Your health always takes priority in any of our treatment decision. A few patients oft for sedation to feel relaxed during oral surgery, and we can definitely include medicated options into your treatment plan. Nevertheless, we take all necessary measures to make even the minor surgical processes as relaxing and comfortable as possible.

Teeth present varied levels of extraction difficulty, but the Restoration Smiles’ dental team takes immense pride in helping each patient get numb with modern anesthetics before beginning each procedure. Once anesthesia starts working, steps are carefully performed with instruments built to remove your tooth out of place. Specific instructions by our dentist help you to take care of the site after your extraction, with prescriptions for any medications required during the healing process.

While we always take into consideration the short-term management of your care, we also discuss your long-term plans for replacing lost/missing teeth. Leaving a gap is always an option, but gaps in your smile can produce the appearance and functional challenges as well that are crucial to consider. When you replace your missing teeth, it will strengthen the stability of a balanced and comfortable bite and can save you from a number of complications in the future years.

Even though our major goal is to keep your teeth remain healthy and functional, we can also guide you through removal procedures if required. Fortunately, your mouth can be revived back to good health after tooth extraction. Since teeth help to nourish our bodies and boost our confidence, we will always assist you to find a game plan that fits your short and long-term goals.


Sedation During Dental Extraction

Tooth removal may be painful, and that is why we offer sedation during the extraction procedure. Sedation dentistry is the usage of medicine that helps you to relax during dental treatments. Not only does sedation help to ease dental fear, but it also makes sure that you don’t experience any pain or discomfort during your oral surgical procedures like tooth extraction. Sedation dentistry is even termed “sleep dentistry,” but that term isn’t appropriate. In most kinds of sedation dentistry, the patient generally stays awake. You will go to sleep only when the dentist uses general anesthesia.


Different Types of Sedation for Dental Extraction

Various levels of sedation are being used, based on the time period of the dental extraction process and the patient’s tolerance to pain. Given below are the common kinds of sedation dentistry used for dental extraction.


Is Sedation Necessary for Dental Extraction?

For simple or basic wisdom tooth extraction, you may just require local anesthesia before your surgery. However, sedation is compulsory in maximum cases because it lessens the patient’s dental fear, which lets the dentist work effectively.


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