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For ultimate camouflage, tray or aligner systems offers a modern straightening procedure. Built with sophisticated software and 3D digital models of your teeth, a series of transparent plastic trays deliver straightening results. Medical-grade plastic without the hassle of wires, metal, springs, or rubber bands gently shifts your teeth into the desired place. Gentle pressure on particular teeth with each aligner means very little discomfort and shortened treatment periods, in several cases. Your provider gives many sets of aligners simultaneously, enabling you to change to a brand new one at home after every two weeks.

Removable trays can be taken out for small periods to enable normal eating and cleaning of the mouth. Enjoying an apple or your favorite foods without the interruption of wires and brackets works pretty well for most patients. And the smooth plastic surface provides a comfort level to the tongue and cheeks unparalleled by other forms of straightening.

A system that can be removed and kept aside may be forgotten. Committing to wearing it consistently, for a minimum of 22 hours per day, helps to ensure a successful outcome of your treatment. While clear aligners perform absolutely great for adults, a responsible teen can be an eligible candidate too. However, adults of all ages have experienced the perks of straight teeth with aligners.


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Though the aligner procedure works wonders for 90% of straightening cases, a few tooth movements may not be possible. Or you may just opt for the security of fixed braces. There are many choices available for many dental procedures in the dental field allowing customized care for your case. Dr. Mai is eager to help you discover the route to a straighter and beautiful smile.

You may consult our dentist about adding whitening to your plan, eliminating years of yellow stain accumulation. In certain conditions, the beauty of porcelain upgrades a straight smile to another level or may also provide a great substitute for orthodontics. And you may be pleasingly surprised to find a flexible payment method or undiscovered insurance benefits that make your treatment affordable than you think.


475+ Google reviews



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