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Cleaning & Prevention

Preventive dentistry lets you enjoy the best level of oral health with lowered dental costs. A solid partnership between you and our team, pays off in the long run, protecting your smile today and in the future.

Brushing and flossing twice a day can help prevent tooth decay at home. However, there are a variety of tactics and methods that may be more appropriate for your condition. We often encounter surprised clients when they are told specialized toothpaste, rinse, or specific toothpicks can positively impact their oral health and make all the difference. Our team of experts can assist you and provide you with custom-made solutions that can take your efforts up a notch, thereby turning your frowns into smiles from all the positive changes.

Your diet can influence your oral health as well. Acidic meals and beverages can hasten tooth decay, while specific food items can improve the condition of your gums and jawbone. We believe in balancing our efforts with yours to achieve the best results.

Along with practicing your oral care habits consistently, regular dental cleanings and exams play an important role in keeping tooth decay and gum disease at bay. We can successfully stop minor issues from turning into major complications if we take proactive steps together.


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