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Bone Grafting

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Bone Grafting

We can simply imagine what our bodies would appear like without bones. This skeletal framework renders support, structure, and protection to everything around it. The bone surrounding your teeth, the alveolar bone, helps to hold the teeth strongly in place. The specific height, shape, and density of this particular bone can be compromised by tooth extraction, gum disease, or other kinds of trauma.

If the bone around your teeth shrinks away, it does not grow back. In certain cases, bone can be regenerated to fill in with grafting materials planted by Dr. Mai. Each condition provides a distinct scenario, but more options than ever are available to stimulate the body tissues to regenerate and develop. For example, when a tooth requires extraction, a big hole appears in the bone. Though it will naturally fill in, the area has the tendency to shrink, drawing bone away from the site. Grafting materials can be positioned just at the time of tooth extraction to help preserve the bone. Grafts prove to be especially advantageous if you’d like to opt for an implant-supported replacement in the future years.

Also, earlier damaged sites can usually benefit from particular grafting material, bolstering almost any part of the jaw bone. It’s crucial to note: bone damaged by gum disease usually leaves major defects around teeth. While some of these sites are eligible for grafting, many of them undergo irreversible bone loss, and thus the support to the teeth is lost. When you check your gum disease with our Restoration Smiles team, we will serve your oral health way better than corrective surgical grafts.


475+ Google reviews



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