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Minor tooth decay and gum problems always lead to nightmares if not dealt with at the correct time. These dental problems cause tremendous pain, discomfort and also be the reason for tooth loss. So, why does this happen?

It happens due to an infection.

The human mouth consists of millions of bacteria. Some of them are beneficial to the human body, some are harmless, but certain bacteria do serious damage to oral health. Just like all living creatures, bacteria also need the energy to survive. The harmful bacteria in your mouth thrive on sugar and utilize simple carbohydrates to derive energy. They produce acidic waste that gets deposited on the teeth and ultimately causes tooth decay or cavities.

Some of the bacteria also generate a toxic waste that leads to the degradation of bones around the teeth and bleeding gums. In fact, this is considered to be the most prominent reason for the loss of teeth. All of it is a part of an infection.

Most of the other kinds of infection can be treated with the help of antibiotics. Though, this cannot be the approach for the mouth bacteria. Regular dental checkups enable us to identify new cavities and teeth cleaning sessions help to get rid of the mineralized deposits that consist of millions of harmful bacteria. Going fluoride treatment strengthens the enamel layer of the teeth. Our team follows a customized approach to meet every oral need of the patients. 

Infection and inflammation are connected and their complex interaction outstretches beyond the teeth and gums. Continuous research is still trying to uncover how dental problems can affect other critical areas of our body. For instance, bacteria in the mouth penetrates through the bleeding gums and at last enters the bloodstream. The blood then carries these bacteria to the small vessels of the brain and heart. This can damage the delicate inner lining of the vessels and leads to blockage. Therefore, bleeding gums can cause strokes or heart attacks. Similarly, the mouth bacteria deposits their toxins in other areas of our body and can contribute to health problems such as diabetes, arthritis and cancer. We have now got a reference that a healthy mouth can have an impact on overall health in several ways. 

A few tips for maintaining a healthy mouth:


475+ Google reviews



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